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Indigo Guide Service, The Summer Mousing is Hot! by Ian Anderson

This small article was written by our friend Ian Anderson from FlyMasters of Indianapolis after he spent a few nights mousing with Indigo Guide Steve Martinez n the Pere Marquette River, it is from July 3rd, 2009.

Most people love to catch big trout.  Especially on dry flies.  There is something very satisfactory about watching a big fish come to the surface and take your fly.  The splash, the run, sound of your reel as line is quickly stripped out and don’t forget watching you fish leap out of the water.  All this makes for some adrenalin rushing fun.  But have you ever tried to experience all of the above without your site?  Not meaning that you should spend a day experiencing what a blind persons lives with but rather take away the light.  Do some night time summer mousing for trout.

On the Pere Marquette river the thick grass grows right up next to the stream, even hanging over in most places.  The mice love to climb up the stalks of the grass to get at the fresh seeds.  As luck would have it [for the trout] occasionally the grass gives way under the mouse and they fall into the water.  Since they are not native aquatic critters they try their best to swim back to shore (often the opposite shore) to get out of the water.  That is when the trout gobble the mice up.  Gobble they do, these big fish will hit these mice like there is no tomorrow.

The warm weather this summer has produced a lot of grass seeds and lots of mice along the river.  For the past three or four weeks we have been rolling 15 – 20 fish.  Casting mouse patterns and gurglers to the shore and just letting the current wake the flies back out from shore has been the best approach.  Many fish have been landed in the 18 – 20 inch range and Mousing on the Pere Marquetteone two nights ago that was 24 inches.  Talk about getting your adrenal glands pumping.  When one of these beasts slam your fly in total darkness don’t be surprised if you squeal like a Mary from the shock!

Mousing is a little know activity to a lot of trout fisherman but big around the Pere Marquette.