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FlyMasters of Indianapolis 20 Year Open House

Indigo Guides Steve Martinez and Kevin Morlock will be attending the FlyMasters of Indianapolis open house Saturday, October 24th, 2009.  We are looking forward to answering questions, tying flies and eating that great lunch.  FlyMasters is a great shop that is just stuffed with everything fly fishing and they also have a very experienced and knowledgeable staff.  If you have the time stop in and please say hello. Visit the FlyMasters site for more detail and directions.

Saturday October 24th is the BIG DAY

Beginning our 20th year in the Fly Fishing business. It is going to be a great year, come and have some fun with us in the coming year.

>>>New York Strips for the first 200 people, prime rib will be served as back up.

>>>New Rods and other fun equipment for 2010 from our various reps.

>>>We will have guides from Alaska, Great Lakes, and the Caribbean to discuss fishing opportunities near and far!

>>>Wine Tasting from 1-3 p.m. Taste some white and red wines and get ready for the holiday season.

>>>John Shaner, from Hardy, will be here on our 20th year kickoff party October 24th and will service any Hardy reels you have. John can tell you everything about your reel. It is just like the antique road show for fly fishing reels!

More details to come before October 24th. Reserve the day for yourself and have a great lunch on us!