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Martinez’s Steelhead Caveman by Steve Martinez

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Martinez’s Steelhead Caveman by Steve Martinez

When tied bright (as pictured) is a good choice for high dirty water or when the fish are really on the bite.  Tied in natural colors it is a good choice in most conditions.

Best For… steelhead, salmon and pike            Could Also Be Used For… bass and trout


***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Mustad Signature R74, size 4

Eyes… large bead chain eyes

Tail… yello, black or brown bunny strip

Body… crystal braid

Head… crosscut bunny strip, same color as tail


Reference Links:

Steve Martinez

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report (High dirty water on the Pere Marquette with goo steelhead numbers)


Mustad Signature Fly Hooks, R74