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Morlock’s UV Rabbit in Brown by Kevin Morlock

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Morlock’s UV Rabbit in brown by Kevin Morlock

This is a very good all around fly for Michigan salmon and steelhead, though the Pere Marquette River salmon seem to really have a thing for the uv tying materials.  With the bunny tail it has lots of action on a dead drift but really comes alive when it swings out.  While I tied this pattern for use on the PM River and other West Michigan Rivers for salmon and steelhead, I have used it successfully as a streamer for Michigan trout as well as Great Lakes carp and smallmouth bass.

Best For… salmon            Could Also Be Used For… steelhead, bass, carp and trout

***Materials listed in tying order
Hook… Mustad Signature R74, size 4
Eyes… large silver bead chain
Tail… natural brown rabbit
Body… tan yarn
Hackle… Hareline Dubbin, uv polar chenille, olive copper uv

Variations… I use this pattern in a dozen or more variations, including some that are very bright.

   Morlock’s UV Rabbit in purple/black
   Tying Morlock’s UV Rabbits

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Mustad Signature Fly Hooks, R74 Streamer