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My Favorite Grasshopper

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My Favorite Grasshopper by Unknown (Dorothy Schramm showed it to me)

This is my favorite grasshopper patterns because it is fast easy tie and our West Michigan trout seem to love it’s looks.  This pattern was shown to me years ago by Dorothy Schramm from Pentwater, Michigan.  You can vary colors and size to match your local hoppers but this is my standard for the Pere Marquette River, Manistee River, Muskegon River and other West Michigan Rivers.

Best For… Trout            Could Also Be Used For… panfish and bass


***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Dai-Riki #300, size 8

Tail… red hackle tip

Body… yarn, twisted tight

Wing… deer body hair, tied forward and doubled back

Legs… rubber legs


Reference Links:

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report (Early Pere Marquette Salmon, Good Brown Trout and Grasshoppers)

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Dan Bailey, Dai-Riki hooks (#300, page 44)