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Steelhead Fly Pattern, Glow Nuke Egg

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Steelhead Fly Pattern, Glow Nuke Egg by Kevin Morlock

Egg flies are a top choice for steelhead and salmon.  The Glow Nuke Egg works well in high dark or dirty water… when you need a little more of an attention getter.  Using these flies in the daytime allows the sun to charge the material when ever they are out of the water, giving them the brightest glow.  You can tie them in any color combination and size but keep in mind that in high water, bigger is usually better.

Best For… steelhead, salmon and trout

 ***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Mustad C67S, size 4-10

Body… Flashabou GLOW-in-the-dark

Wing… Wapsi egg yarn

Glow Nuke Eggs with the lights out

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