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Fall Michigan Steelhead… Simply the Best!

Fall steelhead are very aggressive, ready to hit anything that wiggles by.  In a rush to stock-up on calories before the long cold winter, steelhead are quick to take huge gaudy streamers, eggs, nymphs or even crankbaits and spinners.  When hooked these silver rockets often tear-off on a quick run to then go cart-wheeling across the surface, only to go down for another run, I’ve seen a fall steelhead jump over a dozen times.  If you ask a Great Lakes river guide about their favorite fishing, most will say or at least the smart ones, that they love fall steelhead — they are just the perfect fish!

Below we have put together a reference list of the steelhead information on our site.

Steelhead Articles:
River Mouth Rewards by Brandon Butler
Steelhead Activity Rises With Temps by Eric Sharp
Winter Steelheading the Pere Marquette River by Todd Willmoth
A West Michigan Fly Fishing Adventure by Brandon Butler

Steelhead Videos:
Tactics for Tough Steelhead with Matt Straw and Kevin Morlock

Steelhead Flies:
Martinez’s Halloween Caveman (on a tube)
Grau’s Easy Sculpin by Walt Grau
Glow Nuke Egg
Martinez’s Steelhead Caveman by Steve Martinez
How to Tie a Nuke Egg Fly (Video)
Martinez’s Muddler
Hula (Tube)
Morlock’s 4 Eyes
Morlock’s Pearl Jam Shrimp
Grau’s Tracer Bullet (fancy)

Fishing Reports:
West Michigan Fishing Report
Pere Marquette Fishing Report

Other Steelhead Fishing Resources:
Steelhead section on our Fish Page