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Martinez’s Goby in olive by Steve Martinez

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Martinez’s Goby in olive by Steve Martinez

Gobies represent a large portion of the diet of many predators that we like to target in the Great Lakes.  Especially if you like to fish shallow flats for carp and smallmouth bass.  This pattern could also carry over as a sculpin pattern in rivers, though I might tie the head thicker.

Best For… bass and carp            Could Also Be Used For… salmon, steelhead and trout

 ***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Umpqua, TMC 200R, size 6

Eyes… medium dumbbell in red

Tail… rag yarn

Tail… 4 strands of copper tinsel

Body… flat gold tinsel

1st Collar… Hareline Dubbin, Hare’s Ice Dub in peacock

2nd Collar… rag yarn

Head… dear body hair in brown


References Links:

Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) — information about round gobies.