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Hula (Tube) by Unknown

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Hula (Tube) by Unknown

This is a pattern that Indigo Guide Steve Martinez has really fallen for.  It is a simple tie that doesn’t hold much water and gives off a huge profile.  Steve ties it in several color combinations and really likes the pattern for aggressive fall steelhead.

Best For… steelhead            Could Also Be Used For… pike and salmon

 ***Materials listed in tying order

Tube… small Eumer tube

Head… tube style bronze cone

Inner Tail… Flashabou (Hedron Inc.)

Outer Tail… Flashabou (Hedron Inc.) about an inch longer than the inner tail

Hackle… Schlappen

Inner Collar… Hareline Dubbin, UV Ice Dub (dark color)

Outer Collar… Hareline Dubbin, UV Ice Dub (light color)

Note:  This fly is about four inches in total length.