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Carp Fly… Morlock’s Craw Bunny by Kevin Morlock

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Morlock’s Craw Bunny by Kevin Morlock

This relatively simple crawfish pattern is one of my bread-and-butter flies for Great Lakes carp.  I keep the size to about three inches but vary the color, usually having half a dozen or more color variations in my fly box.  With most of my carp flies, it has great action when stripped but will settle tail-up.  This allows the tail (claws) to have action with the slightest water movement — from an approaching fish, wave action or current.

Best For… carp and smallmouth bass            Could Also Be Used For… trout and largemouth bass

 ***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Tiemco 200R, size 4

Weight… lead wire, 12 or so wraps of .030

Eyes… large bead chain SEE NOTE

Tail (flash)… 2 strands blue and 2 strands red, Hareline Dubbin Krystal Flash

Tail (claws)… bunny strip tied so that they spread

Tail (color accent)… small pinch of yellow marabou

Tail (hackle)… schlappen

Body (inner)… yarn that matches the Polar Chenille, tapered toward tail

Body (outer)… Hareline Dubbin, Polar Chenille

Note:  1) This fly is around 3 inches in length.  2) Someone emailed and asked about the exact placement of the eyes… the eyes are tied on the bottom (inside bend) of the hook, they don’t look right tied on top (outside bend) of the hook.  With the number 4 hook, there is still enough hook gap to do the job.


Article:  In-Fisherman, Prime Time Carp by Kevin Morlock