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Carp Fly… Morlock’s Carp Breakfast by Kevin Morlock

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Carp Fly… Morlock's Carp Breakfast by Kevin Morlock

This pattern is available at FlyMasters and FeatherCraft.

This carp fly tied in a variety of colors and weights is probably my most used pattern.  It seems like if they are going to hit anything it will be a Breakfast in one color or another.  I named it "Carp Breakfast" because if anything would get an inactive group of fish to break their fasting it was a Breakfast.  This pattern also casts very well in the wind with it's compact shape that does not carry too much water.  I keep the marabou in the tail sparse, this is the look that works best for me.

Best For… carp and smallmouth bass

 ***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Tiemco 200R, size 4

Eyes… Wapsi dumbbell eyes, painted yellow, small (see note)

Tail (marabou)… slight pinch of marabou

Tail (flash)… 6-8 strands tied around marabou, Hareline Dubbin, Krystal Flash

Wire… light copper to cover and protect the peacock body

Body… peacock herl, 3-4 long pieces

Inner Hackle… light yellow mallard flank

Hackle Flash… 6-8 strands tied around mallard the same color as the tail, Hareline Dubbin, Krystal Flash

Outer Hackle… pheasant body feather

Head… peacock herl twisted on thread for strength and then wrapped behind and between lead eyes

Note (eyes):  It is important that you have a variety of fly weights for any conditions you may encounter.  My box would have half a dozen color variations of this pattern, each color variation would also be in several weights.

Note (size):  This fly is around 2 1/2 to 3 inches in length.

The Carp Breakfast is tied through Rainy's Flies in four colors and is available at FlyMasters and FeatherCraft, and FeatherCraft also includes the Breakfast as part of their carp assortment.


Rick Mikesell from Trout's Fly Fishing in Denver lists the Carp Breakfast as his favorite carp fly for CarpSlam.

"After catching that big boy on a carp breakfast I sorta got the urge to do some more of it!  We caught 8 or 10 that day all on your fly!"  Click here to see the post.

The Tippecanoe Fly Fishers doing well on the Carp Breakfast.

Article:  In-Fisherman, Prime Time Carp by Kevin Morlock