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Steelhead Fly… Morlock’s Pearl Jam Shrimp by Kevin Morlock

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Steelhead Fly… Morlock’s Pearl Jam Shrimp by Kevin Morlock

Years ago I guided a young couple on a tough April steelhead trip on the Pere Marquette River — lots of people and few fish.  He had brought some of his own flies that he wanted to use, one was a pearl/white/pink shrimp pattern.  If I remember we went two for two with both fish on his pearl shrimp.  I’ve been trying different material combinations and styles for years trying to replicate that pattern.  To be honest I really only have a vague idea what his fly looked like or if it was just a fluke that day.  This spring I tested a new shrimp variation and it has worked great, I ended up naming it the Pearl jam Shrimp.

Best For… steelhead

 ***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Mustad Signature C67S, size 6

Tail… tiewell, blue pearl Sparkleflash (I got my Sparkleflash from Chris Helm’s shop, Whitetail Fly Tieing)

Abdomen… Hareline Dubbin, Ice Dub UV Callibaetis

Back… 2-3 strands of peacock herl

Thorax… GlissenGloss, Estaz lights UV White


Pere Marquette Fishing Report, Clouds and rain make for great steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River, April 21st, 2009