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Carp Fly… Morlock’s Quick Craw by Kevin Morlock

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Carp Fly… Morlock’s Quick Craw by Kevin Morlock

I was shown a similar crawfish fly years ago by Dorthy Schramm of Pentwater, Michigan.  I do not remember exactly what Dorothy’s fly looked like or if it was her creation or someone else’s.  This fly has been in continuous use and has been evolving for again, over ten years.  It is a very easy crawfish pattern, as crawfish patterns go and fishes very well when conditions are right.  The right conditions are inactive fish in relatively shallow water and/or flat calm — this fly hits the water very softly.  Each day I will have this fly in several color combinations, with each color in several weight combinations.

Best For… carp            Could Also Be Used For… smallmouth bass, trout, steelhead and panfish

 ***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Tiemco, TMC 200R, size 6

Weight… 0-10 wraps of .025 lead wire (see note 1)

Tail… fox squirrel tail, tied down the bend of the hook

Flash… 1 strand each red and blue Hareline Dubbin, Krystal Flash

Hackle… grouse or pheasant hackle

Eyes… bead chain eyes (see note 3)

Body… yarn

Legs… rubber legs (see note 2)

Note 1:  I wrap the lead wire, then go over the entire hook and wire with thread and then cement.  I usually lead wire/cement several hooks at a time, this gives the cement time to dry.

Note 2:  I tied this pattern with a better looking finished look but it was more work and didn’t fish better.  I do my best to match the thread and yarn, tie off the yarn at the hook eye, wrap back to mid-body and tie in the rubber legs, then wrap back to the eye and finish.  It is a little sloppy but actually gives a bit of a cross hatch look.

Note 3:  Someone emailed and asked about the exact placement of the eyes… the eyes are tied on the bottom (inside bend) of the hook, they don’t look right tied on top (outside bend) of the hook.  With the number 6 hook, there is still enough hook gap to do the job.