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Mystery Fish Contest… Jason Demeter wins a free guided trip!!!!!!

Jason Demeter of Elkhart, Indiana wins the Mystery Fish contest.  Jason was the only one to have the correct answer of river redhorse (Moxostoma carinatum) and wins the free guided fishing trip.  A bit from Jason’s email after I notified him that he had won, "That’s AWESOME!!!!!  Never been on a guide trip on the PM!  Let me tell you, I was keyed in on the tail and the fork in the tail.  I was thinking sucker then went to the MDNR website and looked at the suckers…it was just a guess.  No, not a fisheries background but a fly fishing nut… I’m really excited and looking forward to learning."

We are very happy that Jason won, the excitement in his email makes me think that he will be fun to have in the boat.  We also want to thank everyone else that sent in a guess and there were many.  The most popular guess was northern pike followed by brook trout, we even had a few muskies and a bowfin.

I think everyone including us had a lot of fun with this contest, lets plan on having another soon.

A link with everything you ever wanted to know about the river redhorse…

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There it is the river redhorse on a 4" tube streamer

Another river redhorse from last spring, yep it took a Rapala, #8 firetiger Shad Rap