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Ok weather and fishing

West Michigan Fishing Report for February 23rd, 2010

Click here for a good looking single page pdf version of this west Michigan guide report… perfect for a counter top or bulletin board.

For a more detailed report on the Pere Marquette River visit the Pere Marquette River Fishing Report site.
Pere Marquette River
Temps – 30’s          Water Conditions – low and clear
>>> A warm snap with rain would set us up quickly for good to great fishing, bringing in a fresh batch of new steelhead.  The PM has fish around and the fishing hasn’t been too bad but new eager steelhead would be great.  Kevin Morlock
USGS Real-Time Data for the Pere Marquette River at Scottville, Michigan

Big Manistee River
Temps – 35          Water Conditions – low and clear
>>> Good to fair fishing with good fish numbers throughout the system.  Water levels are low and clear, using stealth is key.  Using floats with small eggs in washed pink or yellows with small black stoneflies has been working well.  Jamie Clous
USGS Real-Time Data for the Manistee River near Wellston, Michigan

Muskegon River
Temps – 33          Water Conditions – low average
>>> The Muskegon launch sites are icy.  Winter trout fishing has been good, #16 scuds in olive or pink and stonefly nymphs have been productive.  With the low clear water, the steelhead have been wary… small nymphs on the bottom of deep runs has been the best bet.  Phil Cusey
USGS Real-Time Data for the Muskegon River near Croton, Michigan

Spring Stoneflies
Our first hatch of the year in west Michigan that is important to steelhead anglers are a couple species of black or dark stoneflies, they range from size 10-20, but most are in the 12-14 range.  The steelhead are not critical on size and many feel that a bit larger stonefly pattern will produce more action, stonefly patterns tied on size 6-8 egg hooks are a good choice.

Morlock’s Spring Stone… Click here for the recipe.

It still looks like winter