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Steelhead Fly… Morlock’s Spring Stone

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Steelhead Fly… Morlock’s Spring Stone by Kevin Morlock

Our first hatch of the year in west Michigan that is important to steelhead anglers are a couple species of black or dark stoneflies, they range from size 10-20, but most are in the 12-14 range.  The steelhead are not critical on size and many feel that a bit larger stonefly pattern will produce more action, stonefly patterns tied on size 6-8 egg hooks are a good choice.

Best For… steelhead and trout

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Mustad C67S, size 6

Tail… turkey tail

Ribbing… light copper wire

Body… 3-5 strands of peacock herl

Hackle… pheasant neck

Back… *turkey tail

*This is the same turkey tail piece that was used for the tail, now brought forward for the back.

I had a question about the pheasant neck feathers I was using, so I have included a picture.  They are the feathers near the white ring.


West Michigan Fishing Report for February 23rd, 2010