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March Madness Sale!

The electric lamprey barrier (Custer Weir) on the Pere Marquette (PM) is gone for good, click here to find out more about the weirs removal.  As many of you are aware, the weir never did a very good job at keeping enough lampreys out of the river and all but eliminated our Mach steelhead migration.  Steelhead numbers would build below the weir in March but they wouldn’t make "the jump" through the barrier until the water warmed to the low forties, usually in April.

Many guides used to work as much, or more in March as in April, with March being the time of peak steelhead numbers.  Most of the PM steelhead do not spawn and leave Steve with a early steelhead caught and released a few days ago.the river until April, with fish numbers naturally building from summer, fall, winter and early spring… reaching a peak in March.  This is almost entirely pre-spawn fishing in holes and runs, pre-spawn steelhead are great, they are silver hot rockets.

We are so excited about having our great March fishing back that we are offering a special to show everyone how great March can be.  There is also no other time that our guides would rather be on the water.

Special for any remaining March dates (two options):
— take 2 days and get the second for half price.
— or take 3 days and get the third for free.