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Steelhead Flies… Morlock’s Steelhead Ammo

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Steelhead Flies… Morlock’s Steelhead Ammo by Kevin Morlock

I really never had a name for this pattern until tonight when I needed to post it on the site.  I have been tying and successfully using this pattern for over ten years.  It is simply a shortened Woolly Bugger, a pattern that looks about like anything… bushy and buggy.  It is a four material fly and flies off the vise.  I tie then in unlimited colors, bright if I’m planning on dirty water or natural for clear conditions.

Best For… steelhead           Could Also Be Used For… salmon and trout

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… TMC 105, size 4-6

Eyes… medium bead chain

Tail… marabou

Body… sparkle yarn

Hackle… pheasant (or other hackle of choice)