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Great weather but fair steelhead numbers.

West Michigan Fishing Report for April 18th, 2010

Click here for a good looking single page pdf version of this west Michigan guide report… perfect for a counter top or bulletin board.

For a more detailed report on the Pere Marquette River visit the Pere Marquette River Fishing Report site.
Pere Marquette River
Temps – around 50          Water Conditions – bit high, stained
>>> The Pere Marquette steelhead fishing is hanging in there.  Enough new fish are moving up to keep the net wet.  The salmon fry are “hatching” in big numbers.  Kevin Morlock
USGS Real-Time Data for the Pere Marquette River at Scottville, Michigan

Big Manistee River
Temps – 50          Water Conditions – average and clearing
>>> There are enough steelhead on the Manistee to spice up a day but fish numbers are only fair.  Everyone is interested in what next week will bring.
USGS Real-Time Data for the Manistee River near Wellston, Michigan

Muskegon River
Temps – 50          Water Conditions – average and clearing
>>> The steelhead have slowed down over the last week but there are still enough to have some fun.  The standard egg and nymph combinations are producing best. Phil Cusey
USGS Real-Time Data for the Muskegon River near Croton, Michigan

A bright male steelhead from last week.

An interesting underwater steelhead pic.

SS Bugger (Steelhead/Salmon Bugger)… click here for tying directions.