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Steelhead Fly Recipe… SS Buggers (Steelhead/Salmon Buggers)

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Steelhead Fly Recipe… SS Buggers (Steelhead/Salmon Buggers) by Everyone

This is another super easy to tie, highly effective steelhead and salmon pattern used by many folks in the area.  Swing it as a wet or use it as a streamer with or without a sink-tip.  Tail, body, tinsel and hackle color combinations are endless, I go with bright in low light or dirty water and natural in clear conditions.  I tie most with tinsel because it only takes two snips with my scissors to un-tinsel them.

Best For… steelhead and salmon          Could Also Be Used For…  trout, carp and bass

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Mustad R74, size 4
Eyes… x-large silver bead chain
Tail… marabou
Tinsel… whatever you like
Body… yarn
Hackle… schlappen