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Salmon Fly Pattern… Blueburg

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Salmon Fly Pattern… Blueburg by John Kluesing

As the story goes, legindary west Michigan guide John Kluesing wanted to tie a batch of Hornburgs for his next day of salmon fishing and only had a handful of usable mallard feathers left.  As you may remember, the Hornburg has two mallard feathers per fly.  John decided to go for quantity over quality and only used one feather across the back.

The Blueburg has been a favorite among area guides and fisherman for years and has caught everything that swims.  It looks good dead drifted but will start to wobble when it swings out at the end of the drift.  This is also one of my carp flies for tough pods of resting fish in skinny water… you can just dance this fly across their nose.

Best For… salmon, steelhead and carp     Could Also Be Used For…  trout, bass and panfish

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… TMC 105, size 4 – 8
Tail and Body… light blue tinsel
Wing… natural mallard
Hackle… grouse or pheasant
Head… orange or red thread


John Kluesing, Northern Lights Guide Service (231) 745-3792