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Steelhead Fly Pattern… Morlock’s Baby Salmon

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Steelhead Fly Pattern… Morlock’s Baby Salmon by Kevin Morlock

This fly is my evolution of the best spring into summer salmon fry pattern.  From April through June the Pere Marquette River and other Michigan streams become thick with young salmon in the 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch range.  They are an abundant and high protein food source that our resident trout and visiting steelhead focus on.

This is a must have pattern in my box for steelhead and trout swung behind an egg.  When I’m just focusing on trout we will use this fly to fish downstream around cover, riffles and drop-offs.  Or my latest favorite is to fish it behind a larger attractor streamer… 90% of the fish will come on the fry pattern.

Best For… steelhead and trout          Could Also Be Used For…  panfish

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… TMC 3761, size 6 or 8
Tail and Body… Flashabou Mirage, 3005 opal
Wing… natural mallard
Head Base… built up black thread
Gill Accent… red thread
Head Finish… your favorite head hardener


Morlock’s Baby Salmon, Alevin Martinez with a salmon fry.