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Carp Fly Recipe… Martinez’s Depth Charge

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Carp Fly Recipe… Martinez’s Depth Charge by Steve Martinez

When the carp are deep you have to get deep quickly to be effective.  This fly is heavy and casts like a kitchen sink but it is effective.  It has became Steve’s bread-and-butter fly for cloudy days when the carp are staying in deeper water.  You can vary the color and size but this is the standard.

Best For… carp          Could Also Be Used For…  trout, bass and steelhead

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… TMC 200R
Eyes… large yellow lead eyes
Body Weight… 12 or so wraps of lead wire
Tail… brown marabou
Body… olive brown U.V. Polar Chenille
Collar.. yellow mallard
Head… peacock colored Cactus Dubbing