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Carp Fly Pattern… Morlock’s Beast Bait

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Carp Fly Recipe… Morlock's Beast Bait by Kevin Morlock

This is pattern and in the yellow in particular is becoming a staple on Kevin's carp trips.  Though he has been tying and using variations of this pattern for years he has been reluctant to give it a name because it looks like dozens of bunny strip flies that are already out there.

Though this year Kevin has decided to give it a name because people keep asking what it is called and why the recipe isn't on the site.  And also because this fly has now accounted for two of the four largest carp caught by the Indigo crew… both in yellow.

This is a quick and easy pattern to tie and should be tied in several colors.  Tie them large, you can always cut them smaller on the water.

Best For… carp          Could Also Be Used For…  trout, bass, salmon and steelhead

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Mustad R90
Eyes… large red lead eyes
Tail/Body… yellow olive bunny strip (see note 1)
Collar.. light blue crystal flash
Hackle… Brown Schlappen
Head… brown rag yarn (see note 2)

Note 1 – Tie your eyes on and then glue them and let them dry.  Before you put the fly back in the vise, pierce the bunny strip with the hook about 1 inch down from the head end.

Note 2 – The only place I know to get this yarn is FlyMasters, though on this pattern you could substitute anything.

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