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Mouse Fly Pattern… Robot Mouse

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Robot Mouse from Third Coast Fly on Vimeo.

Trout Fly Recipe… Robot Mouse by Matt Dunn

I’ve been doing a lot of mousing after dark this summer, probably my favorite thing to do in the summer. There are some great mouse patterns out there and the thing is, most anything that floats and creates a good wake on the surface will bring fish up. The problem is hooking them. Though I’ve seen that done plenty of times on basic patterns as well.  There are a few patterns that have extended hooks but overall I thought that they could be better in other regards.  I really like a spun deer hair body, i.e. Ken Morrish’s Morrish Mouse, because it pushes a lot of water and floats very well.

So why not combine the two patterns? The pattern doesn’t really look anything like a mouse, it’s really an amalgamation of a few properties that seem to be important. The stinger hook and the spun deer hair body are both important, but I also think the hard mono connection between the front and rear hook is critical because it allows the rear hook to swing freely and really kick around in the water.

Best For… trout          Could Also Be Used For…  bass and pike

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