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Steelhead Fly Pattern… Spring’s Wiggler

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Steelhead Fly Recipe… Spring's Wiggler by Ron(?) Spring

This is a west Michigan classic but it remains a perfect steelhead fly because it is an easy tie and fish still love to eat it.  As far as a little internet reaserch produced the fly was the creation of Ron Spring who operated a sports shop in Muskegon.

I like my Spring's Wigglers bushier and with a thinner body than most that I see for sale in local shops.  I tie them in a variety of colors and in sizes 4-6. 

Best For… steelhead and salmon          Could Also Be Used For…  trout and carp

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… TMC 200R, size 4-6
Tail/Back… fox squirrel tail
Body… sparkle yarn
Hackle… most any hackle will work

Note – After you lash down the back make several wraps under the lashed squirrel tail near the hook eye.  This will stand the hair up to look more like a head.