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Steelhead Streamer… Steve’s Foxxy Brown

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Steelhead Streamer… Steve's Foxxy Brown

Steve has been working on a streamer that mimics a small brown trout.  The Foxxy Brown looks great in the water, tracks well and most importantly, steelhead want to eat it.  This fly is also a very easy tie.

Best For… steelhead and trout          Could Also Be Used For…  salmon, pike and bass

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… spey style hook, size 4 to 6
Tail… red fox tail, inner fur
Body… ice chenille, root beer
1st Ribbing… red tinsel
2nd Ribbing… gold tinsel SEE NOTE
Under Wing… red and gold tinsel used for ribbing
Over Wing… red fox tail, hairs with black and gray tips
Head… build up a nice head with thread

Notes – 1) Steve ties the second tinsel on the opposite side of the hook from the first, this makes it easier to have them fall next to each other and not overlap.

2) Steve sometimes omits the tail and hasn't decided which version he prefers.