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Michigan Steelhead Trip, Pere Marquette River Guide.

Pere Marquette River guided trip on April 8th, 2011 with Steve Martinez.

"G'day Steve,

My son and I would both like to thank you for a memorable introduction to steelhead fishing on the fly. We both had a great day and your generosity with your time and expertise in trying to get the young lad to land his first steely was very much appreciated.

My only regret of the day was being unable to hold the landed female steelhead properly, despite your instructions. I guess i was too excited. I hope she was OK and gets a chance to spawn so that many more future anglers can enjoy catching her offspring.

Anyway, have a great time this season, we will be saving up for a day in October to get ourselves exposed to salmon fishing – you whet my appetite there! We will be in touch.