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Steelhead Caddisfly… Ted’s Slingshot Caddisfly

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Fly fishing in Michigan for steelhead and trout.

Steelhead Caddisfly… Ted's Slingshot Caddisfly by Ted Grossman

Our good friend and customer Ted Grossman gave us a couple of his caddisflies with a raving review.  This is hands-down Ted's favorite fly pattern for the Ohio streams that he often fishes.  I really like the bold segmentation and brightness of the body.  For people looking for a simple pattern, it doesn't get any easier than this one.

Below is a picture of Ted's original version, same rubber band body but no hackle and a peacock dubbing head.  I like the head on Ted's but I didn't have any dubbing that I liked so I substituted natural peacock.  Ted's original is a proven pattern without the hackle, I like the looks of the fly with the hackle legs but haven't proven that it fishes as well as the original.

Best For… steelhead and trout

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook… Mustad C67S, size 4-8
Body… rubber band, stretched and wrapped forward
Legs… dark pheasant neck (trimmed-off over the back)
Head… peacock herl (twisted around thread to increase strength)

Michigan steelhead flies, Great Lakes steelhead flies.

Ted's original caddisfly pattern, simple and effective.

caddisfly for great lakes and michigan steelhead and trout.

Ted with one of many steelhead caught on the Slingshot Caddis