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Fly Fishing the World: Island tops the list as ultimate freshwater fly fishing experience

Beaver Island Michigan newspaper

This article appeared in Beaver Island's Northern Islander in August 2011.

Fly Fishing the World: Island tops the list as ultimate freshwater fly fishing experience by Elaine West.

Fishermen love to share their adventures, new techniques and exciting new locations with
their fellow sports fishing enthusiasts. Soon after a group of six national outdoor writers visited
the Island this June, word went out that Beaver Island was a virtual paradise for fly fishermen,
with breathtakingly clear waters and an abundance of huge Golden carp.

That word quickly reached Captain Conway Bowman in California. Bowman runs a fishing
guide service there and is also the host of the television series “Fly Fishing the World.”
Although his speciality is catching Mako sharks on a fly rod, he was intrigued by the chance
to land a gigantic Golden carp in the Beaver Archipelago.

Bowman and two videographers (Bill Owens and Matt Young)  from Barrett Productions
arrived in early July to spend four days on Beaver Island. The BI Chamber helped coordinate
logistics and hosted a welcome for the crew at the home of Roger and Nancy Wilcox, who
donated their home for the Island visit. Island Airways provided a charter flight to and from
Traverse City, The Lodge provided dinner, and Indigo Guide Service took Bowman and crew in
search of a Golden carp fly fishing experience not to be forgotten.

“Wow! Beaver Island is a magnificent, wonderful place that every serious fly-fisherman
should visit sooner then later,” said Bowman. “ The gin clear waters surrounding the island
offer the adventurous fly fisherman the opportunity to sight cast to the biggest carp anywhere!
These fish are big, strong and fight harder then any fish I’ve ever caught in fresh water. Kevin
and Steve from Indigo Guide Service run a outstanding operation and know this fishery like the
back of their hands.”

Bowman and crew also took in the sights and the nightlife and thoroughly enjoyed meeting
Islanders. “The Beaver Island community made my stay an experience I’ll never forget!” said
Bowman. “Beaver Island is at the top of my list for the ultimate freshwater fly fishing experience!!”

Michigan flats and carp fishing.