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Michigan Fly Pattern… Egg Sucking Sculpin

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Fly Fishing flies for Michigan.

Michigan Fly Pattern… Egg Sucking Sculpin by Kevin Morlock

Kevin wanted an easy and quick to tie “sculpin stealing an egg” fly that looked natural in the water. Easy and quick meaning it did not involve a trimmed deer hair head. With a few changes he modified Walt Grau’s Easy Sculpin and came up with a fly that has ended up in the mouth of many a salmon this season.

Kevin likes the rag yarn because it is a blend of several natural colors, giving it that mottled sculpin look. While the fly looks clunky dry, it transforms into an alive looking imitation when wet.

Best For… salmon, steelhead and trout

***Materials listed in tying order

Hook – Daiichi 2151, size 1 or Mustad R74-9672
Tail – brown rag yarn (only available at FlyMasters?)
Body – Cactus Chenille, large pearl
Flash Collar – red Flashabou Mirage, 6-10 one inch strands tied facing back
Hackle – mustard yellow/brown
Head – brown rag yarn, about a two inch piece fanned and tied over and under (just like tying a Nuke Egg).
Egg – bright colored Cactus Chenille or Estaz

Salmon, steelhead and trout.