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" I had one of my top ten days of fishing in my life on July 14, 2009 with Kevin Morlock, from Beaver Isl. MI.  We caught a bunch of  large Carp in gin clear water, on a 9wt. fly rod!  The smallest was 8lb. and up to 21lbs, with the normal fish being 12-15lbs!  My shoulder is still tired.  What a thrill in this clear water and a great fight with fish going into the backing 3 or 4 times.  I am 54 and have fly fished north to south, east to west and both fresh and salt. These fish are exceptionally fun to stalk, present to, and catch.  Kevin is an excellent guide, good coach. and a nice person!  It was a wonderful day and I would highly recommend a trip if you love catching large, hard fighting, fish in a beautiful environment.  Thank you Kevin, I will be back for more!!  Mike McDaniel

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